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Hidden Presence aims to extend people’s understanding of Nathaniel Wells, an 18/19th Century Welsh nobleman of mixed heritage who was son of a white Welsh plantation owner and black enslaved woman.

The project is exploring the importance of his life in the context of Wales today, looking at a range of issues linked to individual’s cultural heritage, their identity, sense of belonging, citizenship and what it means to be Welsh.

These learning resources aim to give an insight into how the project was approached, the processes used to produce the work, and the learning outcomes for the participants. For further information email [email protected].

Barnardos Seraf Servicedownload icon

Theme: Identity and Exploitation
This workshop focuses on self-expression and identity through photography, culminating in a series of portraits that can be printed in a self-publish style book, or exhibited.

Caldicott Schooldownload icon

Theme: Behind the face of Piercefield.
This project worked across the History and Art department. A visit took place to Piercefield House, the countryseat of Nathaniel Wells, which gave the young people an understanding of life as a country gentleman in the 19th century, and provided them with the background knowledge to create an animated short film juxtaposing life in the UK and in the colonies during the days of the British Empire. They also created still and moving digital images, Picturesque Photography and Photographic Walks with Photosynth.

Central Kaffdownload icon

Theme: The Mansion: Myth and Vision
Central Kaff is a youth club in Chepstow town centre, run by Monmouthshire Youth Service. We worked with a team of young people over several weeks, mainly after school sessions with a couple of full days during half term. The group made an animation to which all the young people contributed, exploring the place of Piercefield House (known locally as ‘The Mansion’) in local legend and Nathanial’s personal story.

Chepstow Schooldownload icon

Theme: Looking For Nathaniel Wells
Working with the Art Department. This school is the closest to Piercefield House, the country seat of Nathaniel Wells, with the school ground backing onto the estate, meaning it was highly relevant and allowed us to walk from school directly to the house.

Offa's Mead Academydownload icon

Theme: Borders and Environments
This school is just over the River Wye in England. The majority of the staff live in Wales and the children in England. There is a nearby barracks at Beachley, meaning many of the young people are children of servicemen and women, and many of these have travelled about and attended different schools in the UK and abroad.

Ysgol Plas Mawrdownload icon

Theme: Representation and the social media
The focus will be on ‘hiding and revealing’ in the everyday. Theoretical concepts of Homophily1 and Disinhibition effect2 in relation to the social media space were the starting points for conversation, which lead in to discussions around language, identity, self-confidence and self-image.