Offas Mead Academy

Offas Mead Academy is based just over the River Wye in England. Due to a nearby barracks the children’s parents are often servicemen and women, so many of them have travelled about and attended different schools in the UK and abroad.

The 35 key stage 2 students worked for three days over four weeks to explore journeys, memory, boarders and belonging. They explored mapping through creating remembered journeys to and from school through drawing, and comparing them to real maps. These were then turned into Gif animations, using Photoshop, and more details were added. Based on their research they drew imagined portraits of Nathaniel, which were also turned in to animations. The students used Photosynth and 360 degree panoramas to create images of the walks to Piercefield, which they added to with the addition of drawing and collage. Finally they were played sounds of the natural environment in the Caribbean, which they were asked to listen to carefully and guess the type of sounds they could hear. They illustrated these sounds, the resulting drawings were printed as large scale posters and installed in Piercefield, with the children holding them up.